How to Bring in Framing

You can make an appointment to bring your artwork in to the shop. You can also arrange for me to come to you to look at your pieces.

Bring in any ideas you have for your piece. Some aspects to think about are the color scheme of the room, the color of the furniture, the proximity to windows, and the personality you want the finished product to have.

I will work with you one on one to pick out frames, mats, glass and other aspects of your finished piece.

There are hundreds of colors, textures, and core colors to pick from while choosing a mat. Textures such as suede and crosshatch give pictures a unique look. Mats are available with a different core color to add a small accent.

Find the right type of glass for your picture. Museum Glass protects the picture from light damage. Anti-glare glass is perfect for pictures in a sunny room.

Frames are available in wood or metal, with hundreds of colors, finishes, and styles to choose from.